Today, Photomadic is unveiling a brand new look, but it’s much more than a new website and logo.

Photomadic was founded in 2012 with the core belief that life experiences are the most valuable thing a person can collect. So we combined photography and technology to help people capture and instantly share authentic moments from their experiences. We quickly discovered an exciting intersection between brand experiences and customer relationships. Seeing a tremendous amount of opportunity within that intersection, our mission became to revolutionize the way brands connect with consumers through experiences. Over the next four years we did that by working with hundreds of agencies and brands, delivering the highest quality photo activations with unmatched service and support. Today, our mission and core belief remains the same, but our capabilities and plans have become much larger. We have the opportunity to offer more value to our customers than ever before, while working towards our mission in a more impactful way. With new products and mobile applications, more robust solutions, and a new platform technology (more on this below), we have decided to update the Photomadic brand to match the company we have become, as well as the company we are striving to be.

You’ll notice that our new logo resembles a compass or waypoint. This helps define the identity of Photomadic by putting a focus on location-based experiences. As we continue offering brands new ways to connect with consumers, we will always keep experiences at the center of those connections, using technology only as a means to that end.

Introducing The Photomadic Platform

Along with our new brand, I’m also thrilled to introduce the Photomadic Platform. You will see this technology rolling out to all of our customers in 2017 and it will continue to evolve into a robust platform where the entire visual conversation around brand experiences can be collected, customized, tracked and activated. Soon you will be able to login to your Photomadic account to edit settings and view real time insights on all the images and videos shared from any experience in the world, including shares from Photomadic apps, third party integrated apps, and even straight from a user’s device.

We view this as one giant step towards our mission to revolutionize the way brands connect with people through experiences, and we’re happy to share this exciting news with you first.

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank all of our amazing customers. Our growth, and ability to pursue our mission would not be possible without you.


Tyler Williams

Founder and CEO