How We Got The Look

To celebrate Valentine's Day, a few of us from our Dallas office created a custom photo activation that showed what we love. By combining green screen technology and adding some layers to the gif, we were able to create a unique, eye-catching look. Check out all of the gifs we made below, and keep reading to learn about how you can have a similar look for your brand activation!

50 Shades of Green

The trick to this effect is a pair of glasses with green lenses. We use our green screen technology to apply a short video to the glasses, then layered in a background to make the image pop!

  • Green screen with video
  • Black and white filter
  • Custom backdrop

Use This Style for Your Event

I'm sure you can think of a million ways you can use this style to promote your brand, but here's a few to get your wheels turning. And remember, we can set this up on our Hype Booth to make a fully customized experience.