Hiring - Social Photographers

At Photomadic, our mission is to revolutionize the way brands connect with people through life experiences- this has shaped our company, products, and culture since day one. You’ll be surrounded by people who are talented, inspiring, passionate, kind, driven, hardworking, and unique. This is our definition of an incredible person, and that’s who we hire. Does this sound like you? If so, then read on!

Social Photographer

What is a Social Photographer?

We have taken event photography to a whole new level. As soon as a photo is taken of a guest, it’s instantly branded and sent to an iPad where they can email, text, or upload it to social media. Photomadic provides social photographers for our client’s events and experiences around the US. Jobs range from roaming event photography, to action shots, to extensive studio setups.

What are the benefits of being a Social Photographer?

You’ll find yourself working festivals, concert series, sporting events, movie releases, gaming conventions, and so much more. Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Perfect! More often than not we ask our Event Managers to help out in our other markets. Think – Chicago, New York, LA, DC…. and those are just a few!


  • Pick up equipment from storage unit day before event, and ensure everything is ready and charged.
  • Internal setup of camera and laptop.
  • Take photos throughout entire event.
  • Always ensuring you are capturing images based off the client’s request.
  • Troubleshooting any connectivity issues.
  • Uploading images to gallery after event.
  • Breaking down and returning equipment to storage.
  • Various errands and shipping packages.


  • Knowledge of DSLR Cameras, Windows OS, Apple iPads
  • 3 years of professional shooting experience
  • You have excellent communication skills, and are responsible/trustworthy.
  • You can take the ball and run with it. You don’t need constant guidance and management.
  • You are the life of the party – social and fun.

If you have 1-2 years of professional photography experience and have a love for experiences and events, we’d love to hear your story. 

Send your resume to jobs@photomadic.com